Rainy Day Desserts Intro

To me, peace can be found in a rainy day. Of course, it isn’t the only way you can reach your serenity and release a little stress. Naturally, another way is, in my mind the best, baking. It’s something about the warmth and precision. Measuring vanilla, leveling soft flour, and cracking eggs, it seems to be my personal heaven. Some choose to be pessimistic, what with all the clean up and “work.” Honestly, they can go listen to classical music or read a book or something (bor-ing.) Baking is just my own zen garden. Not to mention the reward you get in the end… 

Everyone loves a chef or baker; everyone who loves food, that is. My family is my motivation to provide them with a delicious treat and boatload of smiles. 

Rainy days. When I was much younger, rainy days were a drag. Ugly gray skies, chilly air, itchy wool sweaters… It was too much. Now, it’s a blessing for me if I can score a cloudy day in the middle of summer. It isn’t gloomy if you choose to make something of it. By the time summer is over, I’m ready for a little autumn. Fall is a great season because you get a full package of something you can’t ask for in any other season. I printed an autumn to-do list which included raking leaves, carving pumpkins, trick or treating, etc, etc, etc… Just reading it makes me happy and overjoyed that fall is finally almost within my reach.

Autumn = rainy days = baking = peace.

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