Baking Season

It’s the most wonderful time of the year again! Perfume commercials on TV, crazy in-store and online shopping, and Santa flying over Beverly Hills in his pretty little light display. December came around so fast this year before I even had time to say “what’s for dessert?” on November 22. 

Anyways, with almost every store (everywhere) smelling like candles and the inside of an Elf’s toilet, I thought I’d just take a minute to express my love for this time of the year! (Highlighting the most important detail…Holiday Baking.)

By the time Christmas comes around, I am ready. It is the most wonderful time of the year. Everything is so damn magical. It’s like Disneyland when you first arrive and see the castle at the end of Main St. It’s an irreplaceable feeling that makes you feel like a little kid. Suddenly, you want to buy mickey ears, an over-priced pretzel, and ride every ride that comes within your immediate eyesight. Same thing with Christmas. All I know is that the second I walk into Bath and Body Works and smell their holiday collection, I’m ready to do some serious damage with my wallet and un-scented wrists. 

Get this: I’m Jewish.

SO that doesn’t mean I celebrate the legit Christmas. I celebrate the commercial Christmas, and I’m proud of it. 

Ok. Get ready for a buttload of recipes before the season’s over. ‘Tis the season of baking. This means cookies, cakes, pies, bread, even decorating & crafts, and EVERYTHING in between! (maybe even a few Hannukah recipes thrown in) Hopefully, I’ll be able to tackle the stuff I want to get done and complete an ambitious kitchen to-do list. 

Dashing through the dough

in a 4-quart kitchen aid

‘Oer the flour we’ll go

tasting all the way! (yum yum yum)


The magical-ness of the season is upon us, people!! Get your Williams-Sonoma products stocked up and bake some goodness. Merry Chr-…December!

❤ B


My Tradition To-Do List

  • Sugar Cookies
  • Watch Elf with the family
  • Decorate the tree;)
  • Gifts, gifts, and more gifts! (giving and receiving…)
  • Snowman pancakes


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